Inkjet Plotter
Unique Features
  • Ploting head use the popular,HP technology
  • Automatic and manual link ink carrige cleaning.
  • Occupied little space in the pattern room.
  • High speed long tirme working,without any compromise on the quality and reliability.
  • Well compatibility with other CAD System by hpgl file.
  • Networking transmission let the data transmission quick
  • Completely off line working let poeration mote convient.
  • Servomotor and high Perfomane,Integrated circuts to ensure continuous stability running.
Technical Parameter
Model CT-1800P/AP CT-1800P/AP
Max working with 180cm 220cm
Gross weight 140KG 160KG
Processor Power PC
Display Led Display
Drive Servo motors,in the whole close loop location
Type of link HP45/C145A, Double supportr link
DPI 150~300 DPI(Can select save mode link)
Ploting Speed For CT-P 80m2/h & CT- AP 90m2/h
Line quality Smooth and clear line
Communication ports Networking Printing/Serial Port/USB Outpot
Communication ports Networking Printing/Serial Port/USB Outpot
Command Format HP-GL
Power AX220V/60HZ>400W(AC110V Optional)
Collet and feed paper Automatically collet and feed paper system,quick print large number of pices,reducing the loading time
Software Platform Compitable windows 9X/MET/NET/2000,can read the marker
Producing by the collecting code SW
Printing head cleaning Automatically self cleaning function
Direction Self testing producing and the parameter save to memory
Control the situation of print
Can be set up operate print directly
Exmine Function The plotter can exmine the trouble itself
It can Automatically examine.when it has problem.
The fault code information well be display in the LED of the plotter
The Operator can solve the problem in time according to manually time according to manually
Easily beserviced Modular design,Print cartidges can be optional replacement
Technical Support Twelve month warrenty,free technical support and training
Baud Rate 115200
Plotter Status Last genaration Inkjet plotter and bidirational drawing
Control Software Print center sw include
Language China/English
Operate Any branded Sw
Paper Load and output collection Font side
Output collecting Roll and flat folder booth
Temperature and Humidity 5-44"C and Rs 15%-85%
Max paper diameter of paper take up 5"
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